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To Pre-Approve or Not to Pre-Approve: What’s the Question?

In this article, we offer five tips to help reinforce the importance of having your representatives pre-disclose potential conflicts of interest. Read More

Disclosure Tracking: Spotlight on Flexible Hierarchy

The system offers configurable business rules that can be tailored using a flexible, easy-to-administer approval routing system based on the corporate hierarchy of your firm. Read More

How to Avoid Conflicts of Interest at Your Firm

While FINRA’s definition of conflicts of interest is black and white, many firms and individual representatives are unable to pull themselves out of the grey zone. With over fifteen violations reported last month alone, the question now becomes what is it about outside business activities and private securities transactions most specifically, that continue to cause countless violations. Are the representatives failing to communicate or is the firm failing to properly outline requirements and ramifications? Read More

Branch Supervisor Barred for Tactfully Ignoring OBAs

In this month’s FINRA disciplinary actions notice, a branch supervisor from Carrollton, Texas was fined $20,000, suspended from association with any FINRA member in any capacity for one month, suspended from association with any FINRA member in any principal capacity for three months and required to cooperate with FINRA in its continuing investigation of this matter. The suspensions shall run consecutively. Read More