10 Quest CE Reports you Should be Using

At Quest CE, we’re big believers in having great reports readily available at your fingertips. Organizing your data in a way that allows you to see what’s important at the time you’re looking at it, is crucial for compliance. To help aid in this process, we wanted to share some of our favorite system reports, show you where to find them and explain what makes them so valuable. Ready? Let’s go.


1.) Training Status Percentage

Location: Reporting >> Statistics >> Training Stats

This is one of our go-to reports – and for good reason. It gives you the different percentage of users that have a training status of: Not Started, In Progress, Complete and Content Complete. This is important because it allows you to quickly identify how much of your program is complete, and what still needs to be worked on. Our system also gives you the ability to send emails directly from the report so you can target those last-minute training procrastinators.

2.) Average Exam Score (By Title)

Location: Reporting >> Statistics >> Training Stats

Have you even been asked by your executive staff whether your representatives/advisors are retaining the information provided in your course materials? Or whether your users are struggling with certain topics more than others? If so, this is the report for you. Here, you can analyze the average exam score of each training course you’ve assigned, across your entire employee population, to measure training performance. If the average test scores are high, and test attempts are low, you can feel confident that the course material was understood and applied correctly.

3.) Program Year Training Assigned

Location: Reporting >> Activity >> Training Reports

This report provides you with the ability to not only see the courses you assigned in the current program year, but also pull reports from previous program years, to see trends in training or gaps in topics covered.

Special Reports

4.) Multi-Services

Location: Reporting >> Administrative >> Special Reports

If you’re like many of our clients, you may have several Quest CE services turned on in your account. This report provides you with a 360 degree view of your program as a whole. You can filter by service type (i.e. training, disclosures) or status (i.e. not complete) to see exactly how things are progressing and what still needs to be completed.

5.) Login Tracking Report

Location: Reporting >> Administrative >> Special Reports

Interested in knowing which of your users or administrators are actively logging into their Quest CE account? This report shows you exactly when your users or administrators last signed-on. We’ve seen some firms use this report as a way to track administrative supervision and/or user engagement.

Questionnaire Reports

6.) Questionnaire Flagged Response

Location: Reporting >> Activity >> Questionnaire Reports

This report can be used to see if/when a flagged response is provided so your team can take immediate action to rectify potential threats to the firm or your clients. The system then provides a section for you to work those flagged responses to ensure they were properly reviewed and escalated, if need be.

7.) Questionnaire Response Modification

Location: Reporting >> Activity >> Questionnaire Reports

Do you allow your users to make modifications to their compliance questionnaires on an annual, bi-annual or quarterly basis? This report is a great resource to determine what the original response was, (in addition to the date it was recorded) and what the response changed to, so your team can quickly identify any gaps that require reporting.

Disclosure Reports

8.) Disclosure Activity

Location: Reporting >> Activity >> Disclosure Reports

Using this report, program administrators can filter users’ disclosure information to delineate the different types of disclosures submitted in their account, as well as the status of each request (i.e. approved, denied). The report also includes a filter where you can choose to include/exclude users that attested to having “nothing to disclose.”

9.) Outside Account Gap Report

Location: Reporting >> Activity >> Disclosure Reports

This color-coded gap report qualifies whether outside account statements are missing in the system during a designated time interval, which could be monthly, quarterly or annually.

Email Reports

10.) Quick Email Reports

Location: Utilities >> Email Blast >> Reports

This report displays the emails you delivered through the email blast utility tool. Program administrators can see when the email was sent, what the email looked like and which users it went out to.

For more information on our standard reports and how to use them, visit our Knowledge Base center or contact your dedicated account executive.