NAIC Annuity Training

Quest CE simplifies the NAIC Annuity Suitability Training requirement for producers, insurance carriers and broker-dealers with a streamlined annuity suitability solution.

ClearCert Certified

On-Demand Producer Training:

Quest CE’s NAIC solution allows producers to access product and state training from one consolidated platform. Additionally, if producers are in need of state continuing education credits, their NAIC training course can qualify as part of their bi-annual training requirements.

Automated Reciprocity:

In states that share reciprocity, producers have the ability to complete a single annuity training course, and automatically retain a certificate of completion for any/all states that share reciprocity, regardless of producer licensing. This user-intuitive process dramatically increases the speed, ease and accuracy of managing multi-state licenses.

Broker-Dealer Hosting:

Using Quest CE technology, broker-dealers benefit from singe source, real-time reporting and PGP encrypted data feeds. These reports automatically send information regarding producer course completions to both the broker-dealer and the distributor affiliated with participating carriers.

Carrier Hosting:

Quest CE does not charge for up-front hosting costs or uploading fees. Once a carrier partners with Quest CE, and sends over a list of their appointed broker-dealers and product-specific training courses, producers are immediately allowed to register and sign-in through the global NAIC Portal to begin training.

About ClearCert

ClearCert’s recognition of Quest CE as a carrier-validated vendor means that all its LTCP and Annuity courses have been carefully reviewed and approved by a third-party to meet each state’s specific content requirements. This prestigious certification is only granted to a select list of companies who meet ClearCert’s rigorous, authoritative standards.


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