Quest CE prides itself in the creation, execution and continual growth of its proprietary technological systems. Unlike other vendors who outsource their technology, Quest CE’s in-house team of technicians,  design, create and program solutions that meet the needs of all of our clientele, big or small. In addition to being fully customizable, Quest CE has the only compliance training LMS that is both mobile ready, and instantaneous. We have no lag time, review period, or delay. Quest CE’s systems are in real-time for the students and administrators, allowing our clients to drive their programs, their way.

Compliance Supervision

In today’s complex regulatory environment, firms now more than ever, need to integrate robust regulatory compliance programs into their every day security operations. Quest CE’s compliance supervision solutions help firms simplify, centralize and automate the task of FINRA compliance, from disclosure tracking, to branch audit management, and annual compliance questionnaires.

Continuing Education

Quest CE offers an array of continuing education options, including FINRA’s annually required Firm Element training program, state-required insurance continuing education, designation training, and NAIC annuity suitability training. To ensure its quality content,  Quest CE conducts extensive annual course audits for all clients and courses to maintain a course arsenal geared to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of the financial services industry.

Providership Administration

Quest CE is the industry’s largest Third Party Administrator for organizations maintaining their own Continuing Education Providerships. We offer state and designation reporting, superior customer service and advanced administrative features for some of the largest insurance carriers, all maintained in our proprietary Insurance CE Administrative Tool, Questtrak.

NAIC Annuity Training

Quest CE simplifies NAIC’s Annuity Training requirements for producers, insurance carriers and broker-dealers with a streamlined annuity suitability training solution, featuring the industry’s only automated reciprocity engine. Quest CE’s NAIC platform features producer self-registration, seamless login for captive agents, and encrypted data feeds for broker-dealers and carriers.

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